Your everyday routine can take a toll on your feet. You may experience a variety of complaints, such as pain and swelling, that can make walking, running, or standing on your feet for hours difficult or impossible.

Some of your discomfort might stem directly from what kind of footwear you choose, however. You may be able to relieve some or all of your symptoms by wearing orthopedic shoes during your daily routine.

Reducing Swelling

One of the main reasons to wear orthopedic shoes involves reducing swelling in your feet. When you stand on your feet for hours each day, you might experience swelling from the pressure and strain you put on them. By the end of the day, your shoes might feel tight and uncomfortable because of the swelling.

However, orthopedic shoes might provide more of a cushion inside of them to make standing on your feet more comfortable and tolerable. They may also provide support to your ankles and toes so you avoid painful swelling and feeling like your shoes are too tight by the end of the day.

Providing Arch Support

When you have flat feet, you might experience intense pain after prolonged walking, running, or standing. Each step might feel like you are pulling the muscle in the bottom of your feet. This pain can be so intense that you may be unable to walk normally and might even have to sit down to rest often.

However, orthopedic shoes can provide support to your feet and prevent this unbearable pain. They cushion the undersides of your feet where your arches should be and make it easier to stand, walk or run. You may be able to carry out your normal daily routine without having to sit down frequently.

Preventing Falls

Finally, orthopedic shoes might contribute to you being able to stand more solidly and safely and avoid falling down. When your ankles are too weak to climb up and downstairs, for example, they might put you at risk of falling and getting hurt. Your orthopedic shoes can support your ankles and make it easier for you to climb up and downstairs, walk and otherwise carry out your routine safer.

Orthopedic shoes offer a number of benefits. They can reduce the swelling that you experience after standing on your feet all day. They can also provide arch support and reduce or eliminate pain in the bottoms of your feet. They likewise might reduce the chances of you falling and getting hurt.

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