If you have problems with knee pain, consider seeing a chiropractor for help. Some knee conditions may respond to chiropractic treatments while others may not, so having an evaluation is the first step. Here are a few types of treatments your chiropractor might recommend to help your knee.

Spinal Adjustments

Pain in your knee could be caused by problems with your back. For instance, the sciatic nerve runs down your leg and can cause hip, leg, and knee pain. By adjusting your spine or decompressing the nerve, the irritated nerve can heal and put an end to your knee pain.

Spinal adjustments may also help align and stabilize your spine to restore your posture. Poor posture is hard on your knees, and it throws your muscles out of balance. The strain can lead to joint problems in your knee and elsewhere.

Trigger Point Release

Trigger points are specific painful areas in your knee or back that can contribute to knee pain. The area might be painful due to adhesions that limit full range of motion. By pressing and manipulating the trigger points, the tissues are released and normal motion is restored. This helps the knee joint come back in its proper alignment, improves range of motion, and reduces pain.

Stretching And Strengthening

Your chiropractor might move your knee joint through its range of motion and gently stretch the joint to its limit. They may also stretch your knee to lengthen tight muscles and recommend exercises that strengthen weak muscles.

If your knee muscles are unbalanced, the stronger muscles may keep pulling your knee out of alignment and putting strain on the joint. Proper exercises and passive movements may help correct this problem.

Medical Device Treatments

Your chiropractor may use medical devices to address your knee pain. These might include electrical stimulation devices, lasers, or ultrasound treatments. They may even use basic heat and ice treatments. These treatments can speed up healing by increasing blood circulation in your knee area and decreasing inflammation.

Knee pain can be a chronic condition such as osteoarthritis or it can be caused by an acute sports injury. The parts involved might be your joints, muscles, cartilage, tendons, or ligaments. When any of these body parts are injured, pain can result.

Since your knees bear your weight and keep you mobile, finding an effective way to manage your pain or help your knee heal properly is important. A chiropractor takes a whole-body approach so your condition has a chance to heal and you can continue living an active lifestyle when possible.