The mammogram is nothing new, and it's an important test that you should have done according to schedule so that you can take care of your breast health. Nowadays, many doctors and technicians are performing mammograms in a different manner than they used to. 3D mammograms are becoming increasingly popular. Next time that you schedule your routine mammogram, you will probably want to choose a facility that will perform a 3D mammogram for these reasons. 

1. It Makes Early Detection Even Easier

One of the primary reasons why it is important to have a mammogram done on a regular basis is so that your doctor can catch cancer early, if it's present. The earlier that cancer is found, the better it is for the patient in most cases. The 3D mammogram actually makes early detection even easier, making it a solid choice for your health.

2. It Has Fewer False Positives

Getting a false positive on a mammogram can be very upsetting. After all, you probably do not want to go through the fear of being told that you have cancer when you actually don't. Plus, follow-up testing, appointments, and procedures might be required before your doctor can find out that there has been a false positive. The good news is that there are fewer false positives with the 3D mammogram.

3. It Helps Catch Other Types of Cancer

A 3D mammogram makes it possible for your doctor to look for signs of other types of cancer, which means that it can help even more with keeping you safe than a traditional mammogram can.

4. It Gives More Information About Cancer Size

Any news that relates to having any type of cancer in your breasts — or elsewhere in your body — is bad news. It is important for your doctor to have as much information as possible so that he or she can treat you appropriately and have a better understanding of how serious the problem is. With a 3D mammogram, it is easier for your doctor to determine the size of any cancer that might be present. Then, your doctor can use this information to come up with the best possible treatment plan for you.

When choosing between a traditional mammogram or a 3D mammogram, you will probably find that the 3D mammogram is the better choice. Therefore, if possible, you may want to schedule your upcoming mammogram at a facility that offers 3D mammograms instead of traditional ones.