If you've ever gone through a premature birth, you know how painful they are both physically and mentally. Often, these early births are caused by a multitude of health issues, many of which are heralded by uncontrolled itchiness in your vagina. If this problem is affecting you, treatment is critical to receive from an OB GYN.

Itching During Pregnancy May Symptomatic Of Something Serious

A few itches in your vagina are normal, but persistent ones are likely caused by a disease known as cervictis. This problem affects your cervix and causes an inflammation of the area that is very painful and debilitating. Women who simply can't stop scratching themselves may not only suffer from this problem but aggravate it by regular scratching. Before assuming you aren't in any danger, it is wise to ask yourself if this itching was common before your last premature birth. If it was, there may be a more serious problem at play. 

That's because while cervictis isn't in and of itself a major problem, it can be if it is caused by gonorrhea. This venereal disease is one of the most common influences on the development of cervictis. While this disease can cause short-term complications that can complicate your pregnancy, such as headaches, it can also cause more serious problems, including premature child birth.

So if you have a history of premature childbirth and can't stop scratching yourself, it is absolutely critical to get tested for this disease. It is true that all mothers will experience occasional itching and discomfort during pregnancy. And while a few minor itches aren't likely to be a major issue, persistent ones that won't go away and which are also paired with painful discharges should be taken as seriously as possible.

Treating This Problem Right Away

It is very important for mothers who may have cervictis and gonorrhea to talk to an OB GYN as soon as possible. These professionals will find a treatment method that will eliminate these infections from your body. For example, gonorrhea typically requires the use of an antibiotic, though the exact type and the amount may vary based on the health of your baby.

And treating cervictis is often done in a very similar way and should be managed well before your child is close to being born. Letting either of these diseases worsen may risk further complication with the birth of your new baby. And the longer you wait, the worse these complications are likely to get and the more likely your child is to suffer.

So if you are feeling itchy during your pregnancy and suffering from any other symptoms of cervictis or gonorrhea, it is wise to talk to your OB GYN as soon as possible. They will provide you with the treatment you need to give uncomplicated birth to your child in a safe and healthy environment. Contact a clinic, like Billings Clinic, for more help.