Some people can sleep through anything. You may envy them if you're a person who wakes up at the slightest noise and then can't get back to sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to health consequences and make you irritable and more prone to having accidents. One thing that might help is wearing earplugs when you sleep. To get the best results and protect your ears from infection and injury, custom plugs are the best type to get. Here's how they can help.

Custom Plugs Are An Exact Fit For Your Ear Canal

Ear canals are different sizes, so earplugs are often made of bulky foam that you compress to insert and then it fluffs back out in your ear. This method doesn't get a good seal, and it can put too much pressure on certain parts of your ear canal. These earplugs can be uncomfortable and interfere with your sleep just because they bug you. Custom plugs contour to the shape of your ear canal, so there are no gaps and no places where the pressure is so great that it bothers you all night.

Custom Earplugs Are Soft And Comfortable

Custom plugs are usually made of soft silicone, so they are very comfortable to wear. You won't have trouble sleeping with them in, and your ears won't be sore when you wake up. Although foam plugs may sound like they would be comfortable, the foam can actually be irritating to your ear canal when you need to wear the plugs all night long every night. Silicone is also an easy material to keep clean and sanitary since the earplugs can be washed and it won't affect their fit.

You Can Control The Noise Level

Another great aspect of custom earplugs is that you can buy them for the level of noise control you need. While you want to drown out noises that keep you awake, you still want to be able to hear the alarm clock and other important noises. Earplugs are rated according to the decibels they block. You might want light blockage that just keeps you from hearing annoying crickets that chirp all night long but still allows you to hear other activity around the house. On the other hand, you might sleep with a snoring spouse and need earplugs that can block out loud noises too.

Custom earplugs for sleeping can make a big difference in the way you feel and in your attitude. Once you're able to get restful sleep on a regular basis, you'll feel much better. Plus, you'll no longer have to dread sleeping in hotels or on airplanes since you can take your sleep earplugs along and enjoy restful sleep no matter what is going on around you.