For sports fans, the idea of going to see a favorite professional sports team live can be highly enticing. If you're planning to see your team in action, whether it's locally or perhaps even on a road trip, the health of your back likely won't be on your mind — but it should be. The last thing you want is for an otherwise memorable live sporting event to leave you with a sore back, but that's exactly what can happen if you aren't careful. Here are some suggestions that you can employ to avoid back pain at a sporting event.

Use A Chair Pad

Seats at sporting venues are notoriously uncomfortable. You're either sitting in a folding plastic seat that offers little back support or an aluminum bleacher that has no back support at all. Either situation can leave your lower back sagging, resulting in pain by the end of the event. If you've bought a seat in a section with plastic seats, consider taking a small pad that you can put behind your lower back to offer more support. If you're in the bleachers, buy in advance a folding back support that you can sit on. These are commonly allowed at sporting venues.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Plenty of sports fans enjoy having some beer during the game. While you might not immediately think of a link between alcohol consumption and back pain, there is indeed one. When you're a little tipsy, it's easier to take an awkward step and either jar your back or fall to the ground and hurt your back. Stadiums often have small stairs that you might not immediately notice, especially if you're distracted by the sights around you. If you remain 100 percent sober, you'll be steadier on your feet and less likely to stumble.

Get Up And Move

It can be tempting to remain in your seat for the entirety of the game, especially if the crowds in the stadium are thick and it's a hassle to get around the concourse. Any period of prolonged sitting, however, even if you're trying to sit with proper posture, can be detrimental to the health of your back. Try to make a point of getting up and moving. At a baseball game, you might get up and take a short walk every three innings, for example. At a football or basketball game, plan to go for a walk at halftime. Remember, if you notice back pain after the sporting event, plan to see a chiropractor.

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