Getting an ultrasound during pregnancy is an opportunity to see your baby and check his or her overall health and development. When getting an ultrasound, it is important to remember a few different things so that you are well prepared. Here are three things to remember when getting an ultrasound during pregnancy. 

Go Pee Beforehand 

During your ultrasound there will be a lot of pushing on your uterus and surrounding area. Because of this, it is important that your bladder is not full. A full bladder can make it harder for the ultrasound tech to see the baby and it can also cause you some discomfort during the ultrasound, due to the pressing down of the probe on your stomach and pelvic area. Making a quick pit stop to the bathroom on your way back to the ultrasound room is the way to go. 

Remember The Ultrasound Tech Can't Analyze Ultrasound Results 

Pregnant women get ultrasounds for several different reasons. It may be your first ultrasound of your pregnancy to check for a heart beat and measure the size of the fetus, it could be an anatomy ultrasound, it could be to check the size of your baby, and the list goes on. A lot of the time if your OBGYN is looking for specific results via an ultrasound, they are the only ones who are allowed to analyze them. This means that the ultrasound tech may not be at liberty to give an opinion during or after the ultrasound and you may instead need to wait a day or so to hear the results from your OBGYN. 

It May Be Harder To See The Baby Than You Expect 

A lot of pregnant women go into their ultrasound expecting to see a very clear image of their baby, however, this isn't always the case. Depending on the location of the baby, it may be very difficult to see certain features. If the baby's face is down in your pelvic area, if their face is turned inward, if they are curled up in a ball with their feet in front of their face, etc., these are all reasons why you may not see all of their features clearly. However, the ultrasound tech will still work very hard to show you whatever features that they can and you will likely love every bit of it. Just remember as well that traditional ultrasounds are generally not 3D, so your baby's features will look flat instead of dimensional. 

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