If your child was recently in an accident involving fire, an explosive, or a chemical agent where they ended up getting burns to the face, they are most likely going to be getting stares and possibly ridicule from others they come into contact with during their daily activities. Helping your child deal with a disfiguring condition from burns will be a bit difficult; however, you have a few options available to help them hide the marks left behind from others. Here are some tips you can use to give your child the self-confidence to go out into public when burn scars are present upon the face.

Apply Cosmetics To Hide The Burn Markings

Your child will benefit from the application of cosmetics over burn scars to help minimize their intensity. First, green concealer can be applied to the scars to help reduce the amount of redness of the skin. This neutralizing shade will be covered with liquid and powder concealers in the same shade as your child's skin.

It is extremely important to test these cosmetics in a non-visible area of the skin first to make sure your child is not allergic to any of them. Test one product a day so you will be aware of which cosmetic is causing itching or redness if there is indeed an allergy. Hypoallergenic cosmetics are preferred as there will be less risk of a reaction.

Try Using Accessories To Cover The Burn Marks

The addition of accessories to and around the face will minimize the appearance of red burn markings. Purchase a wide-brimmed hat or kerchief for your child to wear so that shadows will mask the burn scars on their forehead. If the burn marks are on the cheeks, a longer hair style will work well in masking them from view. Consider adding extensions to your child's hair if they have a short hairdo until it grows out a bit. A collared neckline will help in covering scars on the neck or lower face.

Make An Appointment With A Plastic Surgeon

If your child still feels self-conscious about their appearance, or if makeup and accessories really aren't working in covering the burn marks well enough because of extensive scarring, a trip to a plastic surgeon may be beneficial. They will be able to devise a plan to blend skin grafts with your child's existing skin, minimizing the appearance of red burn scars as a result.

It is important to let your child know that they may have a slightly different appearance than they did before the accident occurred should they go through with a surgical procedure. The plastic surgeon will be able to show your child computerized models in what they believe their facial features would appear like after the procedure is conducted. 

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