During the summertime, getting enough natural light is not a problem at all. You can easily get enough by stepping outside for a few minutes. When wintertime hits, however, you may have problems getting needed light, which can result in a vitamin D deficiency and lowered productivity. You may also get a case of the blues. Even if you live in an area that has an extended winter season, you can get more light by using certain methods.

Go Outside

Even when the sun is shining in the winter, the rays simply are not as strong as they are in the summer. One way to fight this difference is to make certain you get outside for at least thirty minutes each day. When the weather is cold, this recommendation may not seem practical, but a brisk walk or ice skating session can keep you warm while letting you get the sunshine you so desperately need. The exercise will be great for your health, as well.


Homes that have plenty of windows can help fight the negative effects of wintertime light. Those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, need as much light as they can get. Windows create a brighter interior, which can help lift the winter gloom. Sitting by a window during winter can also be helpful. Make certain that your windows are properly fitted and insulated so that they don't let in cold air with the sunshine.

Light Therapy

Various light therapies may help you in the wintertime as well. One method is called the dawn simulator. This therapy involves a timer and something called a rheostat. Together they work to slowly turn on your bedside lamp so that your body experiences a summertime dawn in the winter. It's an attempt to trick your brain into thinking it's July in December. If that trick isn't adequate, you can try a light box or lamp. These devices deliver a high intensity of light that can be harmful to some people, such as diabetics if the user is not careful. Before beginning this therapy, you should check with your physician.

If the lack of winter light gets you down and makes you less productive, you need to focus on making up this deficit. You can take several steps to get more light into your life. If all else fails, you can get away to the beach for a week or two. Fortunately, there are also less expensive ways to bring the light into your life. For more information, talk to a professional like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc.