As you start getting older, even routine events like taking a shower or a bath can become more and more problematic. Whether it's not being able to stand comfortably for that period of time, fearing slipping on the floor of the shower, or dangerously navigating the high sides of the tub (not to mention being able to lift yourself up out of said tub), you might just feel like showering and/or bathing are a lot more hassle than they're worth – but it doesn't have to be this way with a walk-in tub. If you're curious about how hydrotherapy via a walk in tub can help you deal with the specific problems of aging, then here's what you need to know.

Improve Circulation

Hydrotherapy in a walk-in tub can be as easy as settling in and turning the jets on. Whirlpool jets help to give you a deep massage, reaching both your muscles and your joints and enhancing the circulation of blood throughout your body. Improving your circulation not only helps your extremities not to get chilled during the night, but also can help with chronic health conditions such as arthritis and even diabetes, making it well worth both the time and money invested in your walk-in tub.

Reduce Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be more than just annoying; nearly every moment in your day – whether you're walking, standing, sitting, or sleeping – can be interrupted by a lower back in pain. Luckily, simply soaking in hot water for a little bit every day can improve not only the aches and pains but also the lack of flexibility that comes with lower back pain. Reducing lower back pain can also help you sleep more soundly at night, giving your body more time to heal itself.

Soothe Stress

Getting older may involve the loss of some of your long-practiced stress relief activities, such as playing sports or doing aerobics. However, you don't need to live the rest of your life with all that stress, which can cause heart problems.

Along with your walk-in tub's low-pressure air jets, which gently massage your stressed muscles with a stream of bubbles, hydrotherapy also raises your heart rate without raising your blood pressure. This combination helps your cardiovascular system and gives you the health benefits of activities like exercise or aerobics, but without the dangerous hike in blood pressure you normally see from exercise. Contact a business that specializes in geriatric supplies, such as Twin City Stair Lifts.