While you may see an eye exam as a standard health precaution, there are ways that you can improve the accuracy of your exam for more accurate diagnoses and faster care. Here are some of the ways that you can help your eye doctor to provide a great eye exam. 

Keep Track of Your Eye Problems

One thing that you can do to take advantage of the time with your doctor is to have as many questions and as much data prepared as you can. For a few weeks before your scheduled eye exam, keep track of any eye problems that you've been having. Writing down your symptoms in a journal can help the doctor to understand the frequency, severity, and evolution of your symptoms. This way, they can make a better diagnosis and provide the best treatment plan possible. 

Decide Whether You're Happy with Your Contacts

Another thing to think about before your appointment is whether or not you're happy with your current glasses or contacts. If you're having problems with seeing certain types of items, or if you simply feel that your chosen glasses or contacts are cumbersome to use, these are great things to know going into your eye exam. 

Prepare Answers to Common Questions

Another way that you can streamline the eye exam process is to have your answers to standard questions prepared, especially if you're seeing a new eye doctor. For instance, your doctor is likely to ask you about your family's eye history, such as whether any family members had an eye disease. Dig up this information beforehand if possible. Your doctor will also likely ask you about any past eye problems, trauma, or surgeries, so if you have any medical reports from these incidents it helps to bring them along. 

Prepare Your Day

Another part of preparation involves simply arranging your day to be conducive for the eye exam. Make sure that you are well-rested and alert at your appointment, so that you are prepared to answer a range of questions accurately. Schedule a low-key day for after your appointment, to avoid the stress of trying to function while your eyes are potentially dilated from the exam. 

Aside from choosing an efficient and thorough eye doctor, you can actually do several things to promote a great eye exam. By following these steps before your exam, you can help the process to go more smoothly for you and your doctor. For more information, contact an eye doctor at a company like Blue Ridge Ophthalmology.