The selection of hearing aids is always evolving, with many new technologies becoming available to patients. Here are some of the most useful new features available in hearing aids. 

Noise Reduction Options

Another area that has made great strides is noise reduction technologies, of which there are now many options. For instance, many hearing aid brands now have the capability to switch between directional and omnidirectional microphones. So, you can hear noise from all directions when needed and then focus in on a single direction when that's more convenient. 

The technologies for digital noise reduction are also being improved, to where the machine learns to recognize certain unwanted frequencies and filter them out of the sound that's transmitted to the patient. Wind noise reduction is another useful tool that filters out certain types of frequencies and noise patterns. Each of these improvements makes hearing aids easier to use, since it helps them capture the sounds you want to hear and eliminate the distractions from unwanted noise. 

Digital Modulation Radio Frequency Systems

Another great tool that has come onto the market is hearing aid brands with radio frequency capabilities. These hearing aids can be hooked up wirelessly to a microphone to deliver the sound directly to the hearing aid. This can be very handy, for example, in a classroom. Instead of trying to narrow in on what the teacher is saying among the noise of other classmates, the teacher can simply hook up a wireless microphone near their mouth and the sound will be transmitted wirelessly to the child with the hearing aid. 

Streaming Add-Ons

Many devices are now able to stream music and other audio, and hearing aids are now on that list. If you are a regular consumer of media, then speak with your care provider about a hearing aid that has options for hooking your hearing aid remotely to your phone, tablet, or laptop. This can often be done with a special type of plug-in that's attached to the headphones port of your devices. 

In short, there are many exciting things happening in the world of hearing aids to make life more comfortable for patients. If you have been using the same model of hearing aid for many years, or if you're just getting started with choosing a hearing aid, be sure to ask your audiologist for additional information on some of the newest and most useful features in modern hearing aids.