Breastfeeding is a good choice because it gives your baby all of the nutrients he or she needs to be healthy. Breastmilk is the best drink and food for the first six months of your baby's life. Mother and child can really benefit from this method of feeding.

However, some mothers do not breastfeed the entire six months because of feeding difficulties. These difficulties can come from biomechanical disorders in babies' craniums and spines. If you want to stick with your choice to breastfeed, then you will have to address these issues. Read on to find out how a pediatric chiropractor can help you overcome this problem.

What Are The Signs?

It is common to have trouble when breastfeeding for the first time. There are certain indicators you should look for when feeding your baby. These indicators include:

  • Your baby is unable to latch on firmly
  • Your baby is unable to sustain sucking
  • Your baby can only feed in one position
  • Your baby is dissatisfied when nursing
  • Your baby does not feed better with feeding devices

If you are noticing these signs, then you should get your pediatrician to refer you to a chiropractor.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

A pediatric chiropractor, such as Exelbert Chiropractic, is specially trained to work with mothers and babies to improve latching. Chiropractic care helps by improving poor alignment.

Some babies have problems with latching on because they do not open their mouth wide enough. A chiropractor can assist you by showing proper positioning and latch-on techniques. There are different reasons why babies have difficulty breastfeeding. For your initial appointment, your chiropractor will evaluate your baby's condition. He or she will use this information to decide how to proceed with treatment.

Consider CranioSacral Therapy

One of the ways chiropractors improve feeding difficulty is through craniosacral therapy (CST). CST uses a light-tough manual therapy that encourages the body to heal on its own. Your chiropractor uses slight pressure not very forceful. He or she also evaluates your baby's craniosacral system. This system plays an important role in maintaining the central nervous system, which is the location of the spinal cord and brain. This treatment is effective because the craniosacral system has major influence over a variety of bodily functions.

Breastmilk promotes optimal development and protects against illnesses. If you are having trouble breastfeeding, then you should schedule an appointment with your family doctor. He or she can help you with proceeding with the next steps. As a mother, you have to make sure your child receives the right nutrients.