Whether your loved one is still in a substance abuse treatment center or he or she is home, you will have to take steps to repair your relationship. Substance abuse does not just impact the addict. Families also suffer. To help ensure that you and your loved one successfully rebuild your relationship, here are some tips for after treatment.

Avoid Passing Judgment

Your loved one possibly has feelings of shame for his or her addiction and the effects of it. Even with treatment, it is possible for those feelings to remain. It is important to his or her recovery that you avoid passing judgment of your loved one. 

It can be difficult, but your loved one needs to know that you support his or her decision to overcome the addiction. 

Attend Support Groups

While helping your loved one deal with his or her addiction, it is important that you practice self-care. This can sometimes mean talking to others who have been where you are and who are dealing with the same issues. 

Support groups can offer you more than just a chance to hear the stories of others. You can vent, cry, or whatever else you need to do in a judgment-free zone. It is your chance to discuss what has happened as a result of the addiction without worrying that your loved one will feel judged. 

Get Educated

Regardless of the care that your loved one received, he or she could still suffer a relapse. If this happens, the sooner you help him or her get help, the better. To help you determine whether or not your loved one is suffering a relapse, you need to learn the signs of one. 

In addition to being able to spot a relapse, also get educated on what it takes him or her to avoid having one. This might require you to attend counseling sessions with your loved one. 

Spend Time With Your Loved One

Addiction can change who a person is. It is quite possible that you will have to reacquaint yourself with your loved one. To accomplish this, you must spend time with him or her. If your personal time is limited due to other obligations, consider setting aside a certain time each week to spend exclusively with your loved one. 

Recovery can be challenging, but with your support, it is possible that your loved one can avoid abusing substances in the future. Consult with his or her substance abuse treatment provider to learn other ways you can work to repair your relationship.