You depend on hearing aids to get through your day to day activities, but you may also want to try improving your hearing. The following are 3 simple and interesting things that you can do, which may help your hearing. 

1. Yoga Poses

One interesting way to deal with or improve your hearing is by joining your local yoga classroom, or try to practice yoga at home using some of the self-taught tools or videos that you might find online. Yoga experts point out that yoga poses help increase oxygen intake and regulate blood circulation. This should help your brain and ears receive enough oxygen to function properly. Good blood flow to your ears can also improve nerve health and your ears' ability to respond to sounds. 

You should concentrate on yoga poses for the neck, as these are vital for the health of your ears. 

2. Hone Your Sense

Another thing you can try is exercising your ear muscles by forcing your ears to work a little harder than usual. You can try the following exercise: 

  1. Turn two sound devices on to play music, and put them at a comfortable volume in different areas of your home. 
  2. Have someone read out loud, or place a third device (with voice) far away from your location. 
  3. Try to hear the words among the noise. Close your eyes, and point toward the person as he or she changes positions, should you have someone help you with this exercise. Recite the words perfectly to help strengthen your ear muscles.

3. Brain Games

Yes, you read that right; studies have shown that there is a strong connection between your hearing and the overall health of your brain. This could be due to damaged brain cells and connections, which is a condition that is usually connected to brain atrophy. The solution is simply exercising your brain just like any other muscle. Your brain needs strength builders, like the following:

  • Puzzles
  • Word searches
  • Word games
  • Mathematical games

You may also want to avoid any of the following, which may lead to brain atrophy (but you should know that some causes of brain atrophy are inevitable, like aging):

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency, which you can get from bison or organ meats
  • Excessive alcohol abuse

You can talk to your hearing specialist about other brain-related activities you can engage in and any other kind of habit that may be detrimental to your brain health and, possibly, your hearing.

For more information, contact Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing Center or a similar location.