Arthritis can make you miserable, and you might find yourself reaching for a bottle of pain medication more than you would like. However, you should know that there are other ways to find relief for your arthritis-related pain. If you would like to start taking less medication or are simply looking for other ways to get more relief, try these tips. They are completely natural and can help your feet feel a whole lot better.

Soak Your Feet

Soaking your feet can be done at home with everyday items and can help bring you a lot of relief. If you can stand it, dipping your feet in an ice bath is a good way to cut down on the pain; simply leave them in the ice until they begin to feel numb. There are more comfortable and relaxing options as well.  If you mix apple cider vinegar -- which has anti-inflammatory products -- with water and a few drops of your favorite good-smelling essential oil, you can reduce swelling and get relief. Try adding a few drops of lavender to cancel out the vinegar smell and to make the whole thing as relaxing as possible.

See a Physical Therapist

Don't assume that physical therapists can only help those who have been involved in accidents. A physical therapist knows how to help with arthritis pain as well. You can meet with your physical therapist every week for some soothing exercises to help cut down on the pain, and you can also ask about exercises that you can do at home. Flexing them in certain motions can help reduce pain and can help improve mobility with your arthritic feet, and your physical therapist can teach you new exercises to try as your feet begin to feel gradually better.

Give Yourself a Massage

Relax and give yourself a soothing foot massage, or ask your significant other to do it. Simply warm up a little bit of olive oil -- making sure that you don't get it too hot -- and use it to rub your feet, focusing on painful or swollen areas. Olive oil actually helps at reducing inflammation and can provide comfort to your poor arthritic feet.

You don't have to take strong medication every time that your arthritis is bothering you. Instead, focus on natural options, such as these. Then, you can feel better without having to worry about the tough side effects of harsh pain medications. To learn more, visit Peak Physical Therapy of Brooklyn