While many women suffer from back pain during their pregnancy, it often doesn't go away once the baby is born. There are new causes for the back pain, and it can add to the stresses and pressure of being a new mom. The exact causes for this back pain should definitely be figured out as soon as possible, and the appropriate treatment solutions should be decided upon. This article will discuss some of the different causes of post pregnancy back pain, as well as some of the solutions. 


One reason that you may have back pain after pregnancy is because of nursing in bed. When you sit up to nurse in bed, you will often put some stress on your back and neck. This happens because there isn't ample cushioning behind your neck, so it gets strained, which in turn strains your back. You may also have back pain due to carrying a baby around all of the time. You often aren't used to this, and your body will add extra pressure and tension to your back because of it. Lastly, some of the pain that was caused to your back during pregnancy may not be completely healed, so you will have some continued pain because of it.


The solutions to your back pain are going to differ depending on how severe the pain is. If you are suffering mild back pain, then simply changing small things should help. You can add a neck and back pillow while you are nursing your baby in bed, and you can try carrying your baby differently so that you don't put as much strain on your back.

However, if you find that your back pain is worsening rather than getting better, it is a good idea to go to a chiropractor like Citrus Chiropractic Group. They will not only be able to diagnose the cause of your back pain, they will be able to help fix it. They will work on the areas of your back where the tension is, and will likely have you visit regularly so they can continue to massage and rub the painful areas on your back. They will also give you tips on what you personally can do to help reduce stress and tension on your back.

If, after all of this, you are still experiencing back pain that doesn't seem to be getting better, you may likely need to move forward with more testing and possibly surgery.