Already analog hearing aids are becoming outdated, and digital hearing aids are becoming the norm. With digital comes a plethora of choices. But hearing aid manufacturers are taking it a step beyond simply being able to adjust sound profiles.

Modern Hearing Aid Technology

Microphones – Microphone technology continues to improve. This improvement translates directly into improvements for hearing aids as well. While many digital hearing aids come with sound profiles and isolation options, they're not always ideal. That's why there are external microphones.

Today, external microphones allow you to control direction, sensitivity, volume, and various other parameters. These are especially nice options for when you want to tune into one specific source.

Wireless Options – Included in many modern external microphones, receivers, and some hearing aids is the ability to transmit sound wirelessly. There have been wireless options for some time now, but today they are much more robust.

  • Streaming from multimedia devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices
  • Receivers for picking up sound directly from speakers or other equipment
  • Hands-free mobile phone operation

Apps – With these wireless features, many manufacturers have mobile applications. These apps are designed to give you more control of your hearing aid, hearing aid accessories, and the features of both from your mobile device.

Remote Controls – Many manufacturers offer physical remote controls for their hearing aids. Some go above and beyond by offering universal type remotes that you can use with both your hearing aid and other pieces of audio producing equipment.

Styled Aids and Accessories – As technology becomes sleeker and more stylish, many hearing aid accessories have followed the trend. You can find many wearable accessories in the form of jewelry, watches, or modern looking devices. The hearing aids themselves may look more like a Bluetooth headset or attach to the earpiece of glasses. Depending on the type of hearing aid you have, there are many stylistic choices available.

Many of these things can all go together. For example, you can have a wearable watch that's really a hearing aid remote. The remote may have an accompanying mobile app that helps you to fine-tune its operation. The remote may also have a built in receiver. There are a lot of different configurations depending on your needs.

Hearing Aid Technology Marches On

There are a tremendous amount of innovations in hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. When looking for hearing aids, look to the options of reputable manufacturers that are on the forefront of hearing aid technology. While many of these features are available, different manufacturers implement them in different ways. You have to find what works for your specific situation.

Hearing aid technology is an offshoot of sound technology. And there are new ways to experience sound showing up all the time. Don't just ask your audiologist what's possible. Tell him or her what you want your hearing aids to do for you. There's a good chance that there's a solution for you. Visit a website like to learn more about the possibilities of modern hearing aid technology.